Gallery: Ferrari F8 Tributo

Summers are notoriously hot in Texas, but tonight temperatures reached extreme levels indoors as Ferrari of Austin invited customers and friends over to get up close and personal with the new F8 Tributo. The red hot headturner was a sizzler.

Two words: Spontaneous Combustion

01_JCR_190802_Ferrari of Austin F8_ps_slides

02_JCR_190802_Ferrari of Austin F8_ps_slides

04_JCR_190802_Ferrari of Austin F8_ps_slides

05_JCR_190802_Ferrari of Austin F8_ps_slides



06_JCR_190802_Ferrari of Austin F8_ps_slides

07_JCR_190802_Ferrari of Austin F8_ps_slides

Ferrari of Austin F8 Tributo launch, Saturn Aviation, Austin TX

Shot with the FujiFilm X-system, post in Lightroom/Photoshop.

This gallery also appears on DriveTribe: Through The Lens

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