Retail therapy: Just what the doctor ordered

Revival Cycles in Austin, TX is well-known for two things: fantastic bespoke motorcycles and an equally fantastic celebration of that craft via the annual Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. Well, if it isn’t already, a third should be firmly on that list and that is their namesake retail shop in downtown Austin.

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Call it Austin’s High Street: Congress Avenue cuts through the heart of the city and is bounded by the Texas State Capitol on the north end and the shops and eateries in the SoCo district south of the river. Revival’s shop sits in the very-now South Congress Hotel, at the head of an inviting close that hides a coffee shop and other good eats. An address isn’t really needed as a fleet of motorcycles parked up front gives it away (yes, you can hire them out!). And it isn’t any plain keychain and t-shirt souvenir shop either.

Welcome to Austin’s High Street

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Step inside and you find a line of expertly crafted leather goods, clothing, and other sundries for the adventurer on two wheels. And much like their motorcycles, top quality and sharp design is the theme in the pieces, all sourced in-house or from trades that share their handbuilt philosophy.

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And the shop’s cherry on top? Tucked in between the items are sweet hits of motorcycle DNA. Whole motorcycles, Ducati gauges, memorabilia, and my personal favorite: cutaway pieces of motors or gearboxes. Everything just fits.

11_JCR_190905_Revival SoCo_dull_slide

So the next time your travels take you to Austin, find time to explore the Revival shop. There is much to do in this corner of town. Start from there and take a leisurely stroll around the block – you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile, some bespoke leather goods, and maybe a full stomach as well.

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Postscript: There is likely a fourth reason Revival is beloved. They host a regular gathering called Revival Gearhead Sundays at their workshop location. But that is a story for another time.

Equipment: Leica M Typ 240, ZEISS C Sonnar T* 1,5/50 ZM

For more information, visit the REVIVAL CYCLES on the web.

This article also appears on DRIVETRIBE: Through The Lens


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