The Paddock Issue 01

Lone Star Le Mans, Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

Behind pit lane lies the firebox – an energetic furnace assaulting the senses with heat, sound, and motion. The characters in the cab are as colorful and varied as their fire-retardant suits, yet unified in purpose: deliver their driver The Win.

Top: AF Corsa. The team’s Ferrari 488s finish on the podium in second and third in the LMGTE class.


Race engineering, the eye in the sky – Team Manor WEC.


Data, data, data – Dunlop technical support.


Pit crews go from zero to 100 and back to zero – Corvette Racing.

jcr-1964Time to break out the secret sauce. It was good for third in LMP1 – Toyota Gazoo Racing.

jcr-1988100% concentration – Rebellion Racing.


Always time for a moment of levity – Signatech-Alpine raced to first in LMP2 (not on golf cart).

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