Cars with provenance: David Hobbs’ 1969 Surtees TS-5

SVRA U.S. Vintage Grand Prix, Watkins Glen, NY

To call the paddock interesting at an SVRA event is quite an understatement. Here are cars of every persuasion and attraction. A deep catalog of racing hardware is on display: cars from the other side of the Atlantic (or the Pacific); open wheel, open top; the not-so-old, old, and the truly vintage. Lovingly maintained but campaigned hard because they are race cars first and are not meant to be static museum pieces. They need to be on a track.

Strolling through the various garages you are guaranteed to find unique vehicles and maybe even a few that were once helmed by renown drivers. This Formula 5000 Surtees TS-5 was once driven by David Hobbs – now television’s Dean of Formula 1 – back in the UK in early 1969. Imagine all the stories it could tell.


Top: Nose and wings circa 1960’s. The basic shape has not changed but contrast this to modern wing elements that have grown infinitely more complex.

jcr-1587The last view a driver would see before strapping in.

jcr-1586Almost 50 years of track time. As raced by David Hobbs in 1969.

jcr-1591A quiet start to they day but it will soon be time for qualifying and racing heats.

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