Gallery: Tejastreffpunkt 2017

This past weekend I attended Tejastreffpunkt, a unique show connecting Zuffenhausen’s finest with Houston, Texas’ vibrant arts district.


The event was held in the confines of Spring Street Studios, a former industrial space now re-imagined into a creative nest of artist’s workshops. Located just to the north-west of downtown Houston, the area is establishing itself as a state and national cultural district boasting upwards of 300 studios and creative enterprises.

Several generations of Porsche sports cars (and one Diesel Super tractor) were on display alongside the framed works of art.


Exploring the hallways was a visual treat. Moving from car to canvas and back, one appreciates the passion – whether engineering or art – embedded in each of the works.


Even the stark brutality of a purpose-built race car finds its partner in pieces with color, energy, and restlessness.


The teardrop shape of a 356 is a classic; and here a 1968 coupe lends its sheet metal to muralist Robynn Sanders.


In this particular 356, one can imagine the trunk loaded with an artist’s sundries, ready for a idyllic trip towards the Texas coast for an afternoon of painting seascapes or Galveston’s stately mansions.


The gallery showcase was but one component of Tejastreffpunkt. The day included an early-morning drive known as the Graffiti Run, the grounds hosted an enthusiast car show, and various booths and entertainment (Lucha Libre or Mexican-style wrestling!) ensured all attendees had a good time from sunrise to sunset.

The event should be on every Porsche and art lover’s list and I highly recommend it. See you there in 2018!

Event and venue information:


Spring Street Studios

Washington Avenue Arts District

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