A Winter Shop Party

Dutch Safari Company recently hosted a winter shop party and it was a perfect opportunity to connect with founders Nick and Erica plus fellow Rover lovers and see what the shop has in the works and up on the lift. Based just outside Austin, Dutch Safari specializes in sourcing and importing Land Rovers and Range Rovers from Europe. Not only do they take care of navigating the complexities of the US importation and titling process but once at the shop every vehicle is given a thorough going-over. Immediate needs are addressed and key service items are noted for the future owner to be taken care of either before purchase, or later at the owner’s convenience.

Open tailgates always seem to be a place to congregate.

Today isn’t a day to dive too deep into technical matters though. Guests quickly discover that the back of a Range Rover Classic is amply stocked with mezcal, a line starts to form and the conversations begin bouncing around the walls of the shop.

Pickups, greyhounds, short stories and tall tales.

Now comfortable, everyone’s natural curiosity begins to take over and all corners are explored. Vehicles aren’t spared – doors are opened and they’re turned into impromptu private lounges. I didn’t hear any Rovers fire up though, so it appears all keys were well-hidden. What did make some raucous noise was a Norton motorbike and it was quickly pressed into joyride duty, taking a lucky few out and around the local back roads.

Who needs a couch when you can pile into the back of a Santana 88!

To be sure, there were plenty of comfortable seats on hand courtesy of Texas Rover Company. Their signature Humphrey chair was in high demand all afternoon, and it proved to be a perfect perch for weary explorers’ behinds.

Texas Rover Company brought a selection of wares to try, from duffel bags to their signature Humphrey chair.

Sadly the garage doors had to come down at some point. A grand time was had by all, in no small part due to the right fuel, air and spark provided by our hosts at Dutch Safari. Many thanks for having me over!

Furry friends were also full of curiosity all afternoon.

For more information, visit Dutch Safari Company on the web.

This article also appears on DRIVETRIBE: Vintage Modders

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