Gallery: Private Reserve

From a private collection in Central Texas, this 1984 Land Rover Series III Lightweight is the owner’s link between his British family roots and US Air Force service.

Meet Oscar the Lightweight

32_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

42_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

38_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

44_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

37_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

39_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

43_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

40_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

41_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

36_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

35_JCR_181027_All British_ps_slides

2018 All British Car Day, Boerne TX

Shot with the FujiFilm X-system, post in Lightroom/Photoshop.

This gallery also appears on DriveTribe: Land Rovers

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