We race on Sundays

Another year, another lap of America’s most iconic road and track courses is in the books. The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s 2018 season kicked off in February and never looked back as it traveled to famed circuits like Sebring, Road Atlanta, the Brickyard, Watkins Glen and Virginia International. SVRA weekends never disappoint – race fans are treated to a welcoming festival-like atmosphere, incredible racing and a fascinating variety of race machinery.

The Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas has hosted the final weekend of the season for several years now. Fall weather is infamously unpredictable in Central Texas, but the weekend was presented with perfect racing weather by way of moderate temperatures and clear skies. The racing was just as furious, but there was also an air of earned camaraderie among all competitors at this season-ender.

With 2018 over, time to start planning for next year: it begins February 15 at the Roebling Road Raceway in Bloomingdale, GA. A Valentine’s Day weekend for the racer-at-heart, maybe?

Gallery: Sunday SVRA finale at the Circuit of The Americas

31_JCR_181104_SVRA COTA Sun_ps_slides.jpg

03_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

02_JCR_181104_SVRA COTA Sun_ps_slides.jpg

04_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides


14_JCR_181104_SVRA COTA Sun_ps_slides.jpg

19_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

15_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

08_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides11_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

16_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

20_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

25_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

10_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

12_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

35_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

33_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

34_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

32_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

36_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

37_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

17_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

27_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

38_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

39_jcr_181104_svra cota sun_ps_slides

2018 SVRA US Vintage Nationals, Circuit of The Americas, Austin TX

Shot with the FujiFilm X-system, post in Lightroom/Photoshop.

This gallery also appears on DriveTribe: Through The Lens

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