The Paddock Issue 01

Lone Star Le Mans, Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

Behind pit lane lies the firebox – an energetic furnace assaulting the senses with heat, sound, and motion. The characters in the cab are as colorful as their fire-retardant suits, yet unified in purpose: deliver their driver The Win.

Top: AF Corsa. The team’s Ferrari 488s finish on the podium in second and third in the LMGTE class.

Race Engineering, the eye in the sky. Team Manor WEC.



Data, data, data. Dunlop technical support.
Zero to 100 and back to zero. Corvette Racing pit crew.
Time to break out the secret sauce. It was good for third in LMP1. Toyota Gazoo Racing.
100% concentration. Rebellion Racing
Always time for a moment of levity. Signatech-Alpine raced to first in LMP2 (not on golf cart).


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